Google Authorship Dropped from Search

This is how Google Authorship showed up in search once you had linked to Google Plus.

Google have announced that they are no longer using their Google Authorship markup in search results. Google Authorship involves you hooking up articles you post to your Google Plus account, thereby theoretically giving the person reading the article a bit more information about who the author is. Originally Google said they were going to use […]

Optimize Your WordPress Site with Yoast ebook

Optimize Your Wordpress Site with Yoast

Search engine optimisation experts Yoast have launched a new ebook called ‘Optimize Your WordPress Site’. is owned by Joost de Valk and they publish the popular SEO plugin for WordPress, as well as its add-ons for Google News and optimising video for search. They say the new ebook is designed for anyone with a WordPress based […]

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is important.

Choosing a domain name is a vitally important process that often gets overlooked. A domain name functions as an online identity: the ideal domain name will be memorable, create a foundation for your brand, and allow visitors and potential customers to instantly get a feel for what your business entails. Below are some of the […]

Amazon Sponsored Links Coming Soon

Amazon Sponsored Links

Online retailing giants Amazon is set to launch a new product currently under the working title of Amazon Sponsored Links. It is thought the company has developed the platform with a mind to getting a slice of Google’s Adwords pie. According to the Wall Street Journal the company’s new ad offering may appear later this year. […]

Making Money from your Website

Making Money from your Website

At some point, whether you started your site out for fun or set out to create an online business, you are probably going to want to make some money from your website or blog. Whether you are looking to make millions or just cover the cost of your web hosting I hope this article and […]

AdSense – Where to Place your Ads

Adsense unit at the end of an article.

AdSense placement is one of those things that comes up again and again on forums and discussions. In this article I am going over where I have placed AdSense on my sites and what has worked best. I am mainly talking about article-based sites. Casual games sites and galleries are a bit different and something […]

Ad Networks

This is a list of ad networks that provide CPM, CPC and CPA inventory for web sites. As I update this page I’ll add any notes regards whether I’ve had any experience of using them. I’ll start with ones I have used recently and then add to the list as time goes on. Name – […]

Media Temple Review

Although our two biggest sites are hosted with Servint we wanted a place to put some of our new sites and wanted to get all our eggs out of one basket. I mean no matter what backups you have there is always the chance something catastrophic can happen..I dunno a data centre burns down the […]