Well me, all moody and B&W. I'm less of an asshole than this picture suggests...I hope.

Well me, all moody and B&W. I’m less of an asshole than this picture suggests…I hope.

My name is James Wray and I’ve been a webmaster for over 10 years.

During that time I’ve had many ups and downs.  With websites in the top 1000 in the world and also seen others lose nearly all their traffic overnight due to some changes in search.

Some the sites I manage include monstersandcritics.com, autosaur.com and mandc.com.

The main thing I have learned is that you have to change to keep on top of the pile and you can never sit still.

Entry into online publishing is so easy that every day someone starts a new site and wants a slice of your pie.

In this blog I will try and share some of my experiences from running websites, good and bad. I will also publish some articles by friends and specialists in key fields.

I can’t promise it will be regular as I sometimes get really busy but my New Year resolution for 2015 is to try and be a bit more helpful on here!

Hopefully you will find something useful and I will try and keep the tone casual.

Oh and feel free to drop me a line any time with questions or if you want to contribute.