Ad Networks

This is a list of ad networks that provide CPM, CPC and CPA inventory for web sites.

As I update this page I’ll add any notes regards whether I’ve had any experience of using them.

I’ll start with ones I have used recently and then add to the list as time goes on.

Some of the links are affiliate so I will get a commission if you sign up, it helps me out and does not impact your earnings. But if you want to avoid doing that just Google the company.

Name – Ad Types – Payment Terms

Adsense – CPM/CPC – Net 30 via check or bank wire (reliable, high fill and hassle free)

Chitika – CPC – Net 30 $10.00 min for PayPal payouts or $50.00 for checks

CPM Top Tier 

Burst Media (now BlinkX Media) – CPM – Net 30 I think

Glam Media – CPM – Net 120 (30 for Germany) Paypal, check or wire

Gorilla Nation – CPM – Net 60 check or wire

Tribal Fusion – CPM – Net 45 check or wire (usually 500K unique minimum traffic required to get in)

CPM Medium Tier

Casale Media – CPM – Net 30 via check or Paypal

Value Click Media CPM/CPC – Net 30 Paypal or wire

Technorati Media – CPM – Net 60 Paypal or check (minimum of $50) – Technorati sometimes pay pretty well if you have the right sort of site.

CPM Lower Tier

Marketplace CPM

PulsePoint (formerly ADSDAQ) – CPM – Net 30 Check, Paypal or Wire (USA Only) (you set your own CPM on PulsePoint and so can control when you want to display an ad from another network etc)

Inline Text

Kontera – CPC/CPM – Net 30 via check, Paypal or wire ($30 charge) – I put CPM as well as you can sometimes work out a CPM deal with companies like Kontera and get paid like that instead of CPC.

Vibrant Media – CPC – Net 60 (need to check) – wire – Some very high eCPM possible especially when they have a big campaign in the USA.

Exotic Ads

Say Media – CPM – Intrusive ads but my average cpm is around $12 with fill rates from 2-20% depending on what is running.

Adexcite – CPM – Paypal or Wire – had some issues getting paid due to mix ups.

Unruly Media – Net 30 – Paypal or wire (over $3000 in month) minimum payout is $50

If you are an advertising network and want your link added then please drop me a line, likewise if you are using a network and think they are worth listing. Thanks!