Rotating Ads

Today I thought I’d look at rotating ads or anything else on your site without resorting to a full blown adserver. I’ve been a bit busy the last six months with personal life and working on some new sites, so not had much time to post anything on here. But hopefully will get something up […]

Amazon Sponsored Links Coming Soon

Amazon Sponsored Links

Online retailing giants Amazon is set to launch a new product currently under the working title of Amazon Sponsored Links. It is thought the company has developed the platform with a mind to getting a slice of Google’s Adwords pie. According to the Wall Street Journal the company’s new ad offering may appear later this year. […]

AdSense – Where to Place your Ads

Adsense unit at the end of an article.

AdSense placement is one of those things that comes up again and again on forums and discussions. In this article I am going over where I have placed AdSense on my sites and what has worked best. I am mainly talking about article-based sites. Casual games sites and galleries are a bit different and something […]

Ad Networks

This is a list of ad networks that provide CPM, CPC and CPA inventory for web sites. As I update this page I’ll add any notes regards whether I’ve had any experience of using them. I’ll start with ones I have used recently and then add to the list as time goes on. Name – […]