dlvr.it suffers Facebook posting issue

dlvr.it sorted the problem fairly quickly.

dlvr.it sorted the problem fairly quickly.

Anyone using the dlvr.it social media posting service might have noticed a lack of Facebook posts appearing over the last day or so.

dlvr.it is a service that will take RSS feeds from the likes of WordPress and then use those to automatically post to all your social media accounts, likes of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

It seems Facebook had informed the company it was not in compliance with Facebook’s policies, namely the pre-filling of fields in some messages.

As a result the service was unable to post to Facebook and posts already made were removed.

They now say that changes were made and submitted to Facebook and everything is now running smoothly, with previous messages returned.

I actually use dlvr.it somewhat for some of the games sites I manage, they don’t use WordPress so I can’t use Jetpack and I don;t have the time to do them manually.

It is quite handy, though annoying it always says delivered by dlvr.it on Facebook.