Google Needs You!

Google is looking for your ideas to improve tools and search.

Google is looking for your ideas to improve tools and search.

Google is looking for suggestions for improvements to its Webmaster’s Tools and for Google Search in general.

Over at Webmaster’s World the thread mood is pretty jaded on this, probably because Google seldom puts a face to interactions unless you have a large Adsense or Adwords accounts…though Matt Cutt’s blog did help clear up some matters.

Personally I have been badly affected in the past with one of my biggest sites being penalised for still-to-this-day unknown reasons despite being linked by everyone from the BBC to Wikipedia….more information available to me might help work out why. However, I have also seen sites do really well in competitive areas. What I would say is that there is often title rhyme or reason to it, with well curated and researched content often being outranked by something I paid a chap in India to write in 30 minutes for a few dollars.

Anyway, back to Google’s appeal.

Some of the suggestions put forward so far include

“I think it might be quite useful to have some indicator of site “reputation”, and whether this is increasing or decreasing say over last 6 months. Thank you”

“Year on year comparison by month for impressions and clicks query data.”

“I would love to see a tool that tells you if your site is at risk for a Penguin, Panda, or any other major penalty.”

“Update Disavow tool and provide live status if we requested to remove some url so we can see the status that you received and processing or archived.”

Of course things that site owners are looking for might not always be very good for returning good search results. The more information we have about why the results are a certain way then the easier it is to try and manipulate them. Build great content and market it well they cry…well that does work sometimes but I often think the Web is still like the wild west and you are competing with people who are not all playing by the same rules.

You can submit your own suggestions and check other suggestions here.