Google Panda chatter

Google Panda

Google Panda refresh on the way?

There has been a fair bit of chatter the last four weeks or so about Google Search doing another Panda update or refresh.

Latest seems to be to expect something soon, maybe this week.

I have to say I’ve not seen huge movement on anything yet. Though I have noticed a few keywords I track that sites with domain matching together with url matching are high in SERPS and have moved up from nowhere to page one in a search terms with millions every month.

Say the term was Red Widgets, well I see sites with names like and have really moved up in the last few weeks. Their titles are pretty spammy with one having “Red Widgets | Red Widgets Demo | Red Widgets Game.”

I did a back link check and they have thousands of back links but they look bought as nearly all weird Russian sites and unrelated, also pretty new. The other one just has loads of direct name matching all linked together. There are a few others as well, what they all have in common is name matching in domain and URL and unnatural looking link profiles…Panda targets I guess?

Having said that seems to be working for them, either that or they are high up heading for a cull.

Other keywords I haven’t noticed anything huge. I guess watch this space, though some sites will no doubt not be impacted at all.