Google retires the PageSpeed Service

Google's Pagespeed Service is closing down on August 15th.

Google’s Pagespeed Service is closing down on August 15th.

Google have announced they are shutting down the PageSpeed Service.

This is the CDN (content distribution network) that they offered and not the Pagespeed Tools. I actually used this quite a few times and discussed some in this post a few years back.

It did speed up your site but the biggest issue with it for me was the page speed service hit your site with a huge volume of hits when indexing. This caused me so much trouble I had to disable it.

Now, don’t get me wrong most of these services will put pressure on your server when they first index or reindex for caching…but this was just crazy. Probably magnified because one of the sites was very large. It was actually costing me more cash as the site was not as busy anymore but I had to keep the larger servers because of the pager speed and other bot traffic.

Anyway, their message says the service will be turned off on August 15th, so make sure your DNS is switched if you are using it.

However, it is always bad news when someone drop out of an area as competition is a great driver of innovation.

My own sites have been on CloudFlare for a year or so now. Some on the premium plan and others on the free one.

I’ll maybe talk a bit about my experiences with them soon as had a few issues with Rocket Loader on some sites but overall very pleased.