Google’s new image search page

Google have launched a new layout for their image search, they say this one is better for users and webmasters.

Personally I think they are on shaky ground here and are pretty much scraping the images from other sites to then present them in a slideshow format to their users.

There is a link to the site the image is from but there is also a link to the original image…why would you link to the jpg or gif? That then shows the image on its own with no html or copyright credit or anything, really they need to get a grip I think.

I mean if I was posting an article about a picture or something I’d seen I would link to the actual web page so the user could see it in context and so the original site could make some money.

They should be showing a small image in the results with a link to the actual page the image is taken from. Not a framed page, a link to the file (really wtf) or showing a large version on their own gallery site…which is what the new image search is. Hopefully they will see sense and stick to search and not get into scraping content from other sites and trying to bypass the source, all for their user’s benefit of course…

If they want to do their own image search and display then let them go pay the license fees for the millions of fairly large images they are showing without permission. I think they might get attention from some of the big photography companies like Getty over this as they are showing fairly large images that you’d have to fork out for to show on your own web site.

You can read some more over at Web Masters World.