Media Temple Review

Although our two biggest sites are hosted with Servint we wanted a place to put some of our new sites and wanted to get all our eggs out of one basket. I mean no matter what backups you have there is always the chance something catastrophic can happen..I dunno a data centre burns down the very day your remote backup gets corrupted and…well anyway it seemed like a good idea to spread them about a bit and this led us to Media temple.

We had looked about a bit and though Media Temple seem to offer the right mix of flexibilty and performance. We were  not looking for the same highly managed service (excellent) we get from Servint so did not opt for RackSpace, which would also have been more expensive I think. We could have also gotten a VPS from Servint but like I say it seemed like an idea to jiggle things up a bit. Plus I personally  had a new business partnership launching the site and wanted separate hosting for it. Some of our games sites like are also hosted here.

In the end we opted for the Developer VPS that Media Temple offer. We started on the $50 a month which gave us 2GB Memory, 40 GB Storage and 650GB bandwidth each month. Not exactly huge amounts but great for starting some new sites. Plus we used Google Pagespeed on a lot of these sites and this saved huge amounts of bandwidth. Later we upgraded to $100 a month and 4GB Memory, 80GB storage and 1.5TB of bandwidth. Oh and I think we pay $20 a month for snapshot backups. Though we also use a service called BQ Internet on our other sites and this has saved us a few times….don’t be put off by their basic site….anyway.

These VPS also come with the following:

  • Full SSH + root access
  • Fast reboot/rebuild
  • Instant provisioning & scaling
  • Instant, real-time server status
  • Premium hardware with RAID-10 disks
  • Parallels Power Panel web interface
  • Guaranteed 99.999% server uptime
  • Linux VPS hosting with custom OS

So after over a year what has it been like?

Well the overall control panel is easy enough to use. You can just add a domain and then change your nameservers with the domain registrar. After that you have to open up the Plesk control panel and create the site there as well with the correct IP.

I won’t go over Plesk’s features here but it is pretty simple to create databases, install common scripts and generally manage your sites. I prefer Cpanel but Plesk is fine.

In terms of performance we have not had any issues, I think at one point they warned us that we were using too many resources and we upgraded to our current plan.

Reliability has been rock solid with no real down time to mention. We have had some issues but they have been caused by us experimenting with Google Pagespeed.

Support is good and although it is limited according to what package you have opted for, they will help you out if stuck on something. Like the other day I had set an IP to be dedicated and was wondering why lots of the sites using it as a shared IP were going wonky. Opened a ticket and they sorted it within 20 minutes as well as pointing out my doh’ness.

So in summary I would have no hesitation in recommending Media Temple to anyone. I can’t comment on all their products but the one we use is very fit for purpose indeed. When I started online back in 2000 we had endless bad experiences with hosting companies from overselling to servers that turned out to be in someone’s bedroom. When we finally found the rock solid Servint it was like coming across an oasis in the desert of misrepresentation, overselling and down right lies that really is rife in the web hosting business. I’d be happy to add Media Temple to that short list of oasis.

Check out their various hosting packages.