New version of AV Arcade

av-arcadeAV Arcade’s developer has released¬†a new version, which he says is all new from the ground up.

I’m not sure how popular AV Arcade is now but I’m guessing a lot of arcades still run on it.

You can read more about the new version on the official site.

I have one site that runs an older version and although I won’t be upgrading as the URL mods I applied won’t work and I recently redid all the CSS to make it responsive. Of course most arcades run Unity and Flash games, which do not work on most mobiles. But you can run HTML5 games and also pays to be paranoid when it comes to Google and their only affect mobile search results.

However, it is certainly worth a look for anyone who has an install. Maybe head over to Talk Arcades and see what people are saying about it.

The other arcade sites I have all run on WordPress with MyArcadePlugin, but it is actually the AV one that is quickest to load and does best in search…though the later for a few different reasons. Still it is definitely lighter than WordPress and also easier to get at the code.

There is also a new version of AV’s wallpaper site script. Again no doubt worth a read if you have the previous versions running or fancy a change. Personally I’ve always found the wallpaper site entry to be so low that it very heavily saturated and perhaps even a declining market…outside of India?

Anyway, always good to see a new version of a popular script out.

If you’ve tried the new version let me know.