Google Panda chatter

Google Panda

There has been a fair bit of chatter the last four weeks or so about Google Search doing another Panda update or refresh. Latest seems to be to expect something soon, maybe this week. I have to say I’ve not seen huge movement on anything yet. Though I have noticed a few keywords I track […]

Google Search quality update


I’ve been reading quite a few reports about changes in Google SERPS over the last few weeks. HubPages had reported some changes and the other Search Engine Land advised that the great Google had confirmed there had indeed been an update. Telling them there “were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it […]

Google Needs You!

Google is looking for your ideas to improve tools and search.

Google is looking for suggestions for improvements to its Webmaster’s Tools and for Google Search in general. Over at Webmaster’s World the thread mood is pretty jaded on this, probably because Google seldom puts a face to interactions unless you have a large Adsense or Adwords accounts…though Matt Cutt’s blog did help clear up some matters. […]

Google Authorship Dropped from Search

This is how Google Authorship showed up in search once you had linked to Google Plus.

Google have announced that they are no longer using their Google Authorship markup in search results. Google Authorship involves you hooking up articles you post to your Google Plus account, thereby theoretically giving the person reading the article a bit more information about who the author is. Originally Google said they were going to use […]

Google’s new image search page

Google have launched a new layout for their image search, they say this one is better for users and webmasters. Personally I think they are on shaky ground here and are pretty much scraping the images from other sites to then present them in a slideshow format to their users. There is a link to the […]