Adsense positioning: Increase your earnings with the right spot

I like at where you might be best to place your Adsense to get the maximum revenue while not annoying your visitors too much.

A while back I went over my experience with placing Adsense on various types of sites and where I’ve found the best place to maximise Adsense revenue whilst still keeping the site user friendly. I thought it was time to revisit this and add in some recent experience with different types of site. So I […]

Google retires the PageSpeed Service

Google's Pagespeed Service is closing down on August 15th.

Google have announced they are shutting down the PageSpeed Service. This is the CDN (content distribution network) that they offered and not the Pagespeed Tools. I actually used this quite a few times and discussed some in this post a few years back. It did speed up your site but the biggest issue with it […]

Google Needs You!

Google is looking for your ideas to improve tools and search.

Google is looking for suggestions for improvements to its Webmaster’s Tools and for Google Search in general. Over at Webmaster’s World the thread mood is pretty jaded on this, probably because Google seldom puts a face to interactions unless you have a large Adsense or Adwords accounts…though Matt Cutt’s blog did help clear up some matters. […]

Google Authorship Dropped from Search

This is how Google Authorship showed up in search once you had linked to Google Plus.

Google have announced that they are no longer using their Google Authorship markup in search results. Google Authorship involves you hooking up articles you post to your Google Plus account, thereby theoretically giving the person reading the article a bit more information about who the author is. Originally Google said they were going to use […]